About Us

Kymberli Boynton, MFT, MCC, MA.EDU


Owner & Founder 

Kymberli holds a BA, in Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage & Family Therapy and MA in Education. She is a Certified Life Master Coach, Hypnotherepy Practitioner and holds various certifications in manisfestation, Law of Attraction and other life courses.  Kymberli is  ICF & ACA Certified.

"We have all had our shares of struggles, whether it be with our appearance, weight, beliefs or past convictions. I have dedicated and chosen to wake up each day with gratitude first and to focus on the positives of life and it's situations than dwell on the negatives. My vision for Serenity Wellness Center and Inches Body Sculpting is that each person not only feel good about their appearance but have a total healthy mind, body & wellness overall." 

Our Staff are passionate about our clients and their needs and we are here to help you get to the goals you desire overall. 

Mishael Arbuthnot, FNP



Hello and Welcome, 

I am a Transformational Health and Life Coach who is willing to be your partner in health offering life coaching, health coaching, sleep coaching, stress management, and relationship coaching . 

I have been in the medical, health and nutritional fields for over 20 years having licenses and multiple certifications. 

We are here to provide resources, health tips, meal plans info, recipes, diabetic education, chronic disease prevention and management classes and much more.  I am also available to do customized lifestyle plans for you if you need them or yourself health club, clinic or worksite.

Shawna Kidd, CNA


Office Manager

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