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Massage Packages


Daycation Package $99

Our Daycation Package is a little slice of serenity in an otherwise busy day. For those that simply need a getaway in the middle of the day, or those that want to end the day on a high-note.

Our Daycation package includes:

  • 30 minute Himalayan Sea Salt or Coal Foot Scrub
  • 90 minute Swedish Massage

Monthly Massage Membership

Our monthly plan allows you to purchase 4-8 massage sessions to redeem as you wish in a 30-day period. Massages may be Swedish or Deep-Tissue only. Sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance to ensure Massage Therapist availability.

4 Sessions per month: $199

6 Sessions per month: $299

8 Sessions per month: $399

Holiday Specials


During the months of November and December 

  • Book a Deep-Tissue massage and get your next massage for 50% off.
  • Book (2) massage sessions (Swedish or Deep-Tissue) and receive 3rd for only $10
  • Purchase a gift certificate of $100 or more and receive a FREE Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub

Membership Programs For Your Ongoing Needs


Bodywrap Membership Packages

Aloe Vera package: includes dry brush scrub, aloe vera full body wrap  

4 wraps per month $69 (1 free sea or mud wrap & 1 guest pass)

6 wraps per month $89 (2 free sea or mud wrap & 1 guest pass)

Unlimited wraps $149 (2 free sea or mud wraps, cellulite gel & 2 guests passes)

Inches Deluxe Membership: Includes, dry scrub, aloe wrap with either sea clay/mud/cellulite treatment

8 Wraps per month $299 (2 free wraps per month & 2 guest passes)

Unlimited Wraps $599 (1 free skinsations session or facial & 2 guest passes)

Belly Buster Membership: Includes target belly areas, dry scrub, aloe wrap with sea/mud

Unlimited $299 (1 free full body wrap & 1 guest pass)

Life Coaching Membership

All Life coaching plans include:

  • Customized Plan and Goal with progress checks
  • Unlimited email/text
  • Daily Motivational Quotes
  • 24 Hour emergency crisis call

Individual Coaching $79 Per session   Couples Coaching plan $99 per session


  • One 90 minute session per week.
  • 1 Journal submissions per week via email.
  • 2 check in follow up calls per week

Pre-Teen/Teen (ages 10-19) $129 per session


  • One 90 Minute weekly session or 2 weekly 60 Minute Skype Sessions
  • 4 Journal Submissions
  • 1 extra curricular outing

Pre-Teen/Teen Deluxe Coaching Plan $799 Monthly



  • Flexible Program, depending on your child's needs. There is no set amount of time we have to meet: if he/she is in crisis, we will spend as many hours as it takes for him/her to get through it. If he/she needs regular meetings, then we do regular meetings. If your child is doing well, your Coach will be happy to just do quick check-ins as needed until we am no longer needed. Typically, the initial sessions are a couple of hours, and once a plan is devised, you coach will meet however often and for however long it’s needed to keep your child moving forward.

  •  Your coach will keep in touch via phone, Skype, email, text, FB messaging; whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you and your child. If you need help in the middle of the night or on weekends, you Coach is here, as we have 24/7 availability by phone for crisis intervention. 

  • Your Coach will come up with an appointment plan that works for your child and you: Once a relationship has been established, I can do other activities that will help your child to relax and connect: play music, go out for a meal, go bowling, etc. Your Coach can meet kids at school or go to AA meetings with them; whatever is most helpful.

  • The coaching model works over long distances: Your Coach can travel to meet initially with you and your child in your home. Once we have a plan, your Coach will  successfully work with clients and their families via phone, Skype, email, texting, and Facebook messaging, with occasional face-to face sessions.
  • Your Coach can travel to see your child in school or college.
  • Your Coach works with the entire family. Because the focus is on changing behavior, everyone can and should be included in the partnership. Our approach includes, where appropriate, the parents, siblings, and other family members. Whether it is just tweaking parenting skills or something more, it is often helpful to address other family concerns in order to achieve lasting success.
  • Your Coach works with all of the adults who are working with your child: Your Coach will work with (and can help assemble, if need be) the community of people who interact with your child—teachers, guidance counselor, special ed teachers, principal, coaches, tutor, family practitioner, psychiatrist, etc.—so everyone is rowing in the same direction.
  • Coaches have worked with families that are facing IEP conflicts and controversies. 
  • Your Coach will work with sports coaches for kids who have performance issues.
  • Sometimes coaching alone is not enough to achieve lasting change. Your Coach can work with (and recommend, if needed) psychiatrists, testing psychologists, therapists, and other professionals as needed and will coordinate with them as appropriate.
  • Sometimes the coaching model is simply not the best fit for a child. If that occurs, I can help you choose the best alternative. If a wilderness or therapeutic program or hospitalization is called for, you Coach can work with parents while the child is away to ensure that you are prepared to support your child after his/her return. In addition, I work with young people upon their return to the home to build on the progress made during their time away.
  • In the rare instances where a young person is persistently resistant, your Coach can provide you as parents with tools for change, which will lay the groundwork to help your child to take some incremental steps forward until your child is ready to accept help, whether coaching or some other modality.
  • Coaches offer a FREE option to try: First session is a 2 hour session to see if there is connection with your child.

Journal Sessions $25 Monthly


  • 4 journal submissions per month

Write out as much as you’d like and your coach will provide a thoughtful response within 48 hours. Submit journals via phones, tablets, desktops, or whatever method you prefer. 

Skype/Video Sessions: $99 Monthly


  • One 90 minute session via skype/video per week OR two 60 minute weekly Skype/Video sessions per week. 

Health Coaching Packages

Initial Free 45 min Consultation $0

Healthy Kickstart Consultation $49

45 min session for Do It Yourselfers

Consultation- where you are and how to get there

Basic Assessment

Basic Food Journal

Basic Foods For Health and Weight loss

Health and Weight loss articles delivered to your email weekly

***This consultation is only $25 if you join one of the

other programs

Living Well Kickstart Package $89

14 day program

Measurements, if applicable, and initial assessment of


Grocery List suggestions

Food Journal

Menu Planner

Weekly Exercise Planner

Weekly Email Delivery and Audio Sessions For Healthy


2 Weekly 20 min online personal coaching session

21 Day FitLife Package $137

21 days, must purchase recommended protein supplement,

over 10+ diets

Recipe Guide 100 recipes or more

Metabolic Nutrition Guide

Grocery List suggestions

Food Journal

Menu Planner

Weekly Exercise Planner

Food Swap List

Recipe E-Book

Daily Email Delivery and Audio

Sessions For Healthy Weightloss

3 Weekly 30 min online personal

coaching sessions

Slim Life Comprehensive Package $197

28 days program, access to over 20+ diets

Recipe Guide 100 recipes or more

Metabolic Nutrition Guide

Beginner Exercise Guide

Access to Prescription Supplements*

Grocery List suggestions

Food Journal

Menu Planner

Weekly Exercise Planner

Affirmation Guide Ebook

Food Swap List

Recipe E-Book

Daily Email Delivery and Audio Sessions For Healthy Weight


4 Weekly 30 min online personal coaching sessions

Ultimate Fit Weight Loss Package $497

8 week program

All of Comprehensive program

Access to 40+ programs and diets including Keto, Paleo,

Whole Foods and more

Healthy meal plan done for you

Organized prep guides

Curated recipe books

Juicing Recipes

Dietary supplements recommendation and prescription*

Personalized grocery list

Nutritional information with daily macronutrient ratios and

calorie counts

Recommended supplements can be purchased

Boot camp included...certain locations apply

Access to Beginners Body Weight Exercise Info Guide

Daily Articles sent to your mailbox

Affirmation ebook

Emotional eating ebook

8- 30 min weekly Personal Online Coaching Sessions

Gold Life Maintenance Program- $29 monthly recurring

Access to website

Access to online community for questions

Access to recipes weekly recipes

Access to monthly newsletter

Access to one 15 min coaching session per month

Access to online exercise library

Access to recommended dietary supplements

Also available:

Kids and Teens Healthy Programs

Leaky Gut Programs

Reducing Inflammation Program

*additional fees may apply


All of our work is completely confidential. However, coaching does not enjoy the same legal protections as therapy.